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UPDATE:  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our services are currently operating by video call or phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I need to purchase a package for my staff?

You are free to choose the services you wish to provide for your staff.  Neuro-Harmony are able to tailor provisions to your individual needs

How much does an EAP cost?

Neuro-Harmony prides itself on affordability for all, regardless of size. As we tailor our services to your individual requirements, please contact us for more details

Will I be charged for services that my staff do not use?

The simple answer is no. You will only be charged for booked provisions. Our fees are per activity, therefore we do not bulk charge you, for example, for counselling sessions that are not utilised

Do staff members need to inform me that they are attending counselling?

Neuro Harmony will not disclose your staffs identity to you.  You will be informed that a member of staff is attending therapy, however their identity will be anonymised

Are staff expected to attend during working hours?

Often employers allow staff to attend counselling during your working hours, however this is at your discression

Is counselling confidential?

Yes counselling is confidential.  There are limits to this in terms of individual risk.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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