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Therapeutic Support

Individual Counselling & Couples Counselling

Confidential, safe and professional counselling service.  Available to staff for any difficulties impacting work, performance, attendance or wellbeing.  This can be very effective as a support to reduce length of absence and assist employees in returning to work.  Couples counselling is also available to support staff going through relationship difficulties. 


As the employer you agree the number of sessions you wish to pay for. This is typically between 8 and 12 sessions.  Remember you only pay for what you use.  If sessions are not utilised, you don't have to pay for them.

Clinical Supervision For Healthcare Setting

One to one or group clinical supervision provided by qualified and experienced counsellors. This is highly effective in aiding case workers and frontline teams to work more therapeutically with complex and challenging client cohorts. This provides a valuable safe space to share concerns, enhance and develop practise and engage in group learning.

Bespoke Training

Your organisation is unique. Your training needs are as individual as you are! Neuro Harmony will work with you to provide professional training to support your business.

Mental Health Training For The Workplace

  • Raising awareness of mental health issues in the workplace

  • Recognising signs and symptoms of mental stress and ill health in oneself and others

  • Taking steps towards maintaining and/or regaining mental well-being 


Mindstuff That Everyone Should Know! 

(The subtle psychology to give your business the edge!)

This training is guaranteed to develop genuine self-awareness in staff which will enable them to take a quantum leap in communication and interpersonal skills.  When applied within your business, this will take customer service, sales and your teams to a new level.  Some benefits are experienced immediately. Resilience and emotional capacity grow rapidly as knowledge embeds. This is gold star mind building! 


Grow your staff - grow your business!

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