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Quite simply, Employee Assistance is the provision of professional, confidential support services made available to employees and paid for by the employer.


Legislation requires employers to take steps to reduce stress and promote the wellbeing of employees. This makes sense for employers when you consider that workplace stress & mental Ill-health results in a loss of £8 billion to UK businesses each year through absenteeism alone. This doesn't take into account loss of income through reduced performance. It pays businesses to look after your staff!

However, for small to medium sized businesses this feels like a tall order! The perceived costs of providing professional support for a valued member of staff may seem prohibitive!

It need not be the case!


Neuro Harmony is a specialist organisation providing genuinely affordable mental health support and training for your business.  Uniquely, we provide a bespoke service tailored for your business needs. 

You only pay for what you use!

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